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New Chevy Silverado Design Takes on the Aesthetic of a Cybertruck

The world’s greatest innovators are only crazy until their ideas catch on. One day, an idea comes to life and we all look at it confused, wondering if this is some sort of concept that will never be real. The next, it’s adopted in small quantities and before we know it, this idea that was once seen as crazy is now more widespread and even inspiring competitors in the industry to take on the same form or function.

The most recent example of one of these ideas that seems nothing short of crazy is the Tesla Cybertruck.

When we go through the list of features that the Cybertruck offers, it seems like an incredibly functional way to get around town. I don’t think very many people are arguing with how it promises to perform if and when it ever comes out. However, one look at the very angular design has us wondering if a truck that looks like a spaceship made completely out of stainless steel could ever become mainstream.

Recently, on the General Motors Design Team Instagram account that has been known for leaking early designs of production vehicles, something that was Cybertruck-esque came to our attention.

The design sketched out a futuristic looking pickup truck that could potentially be similar to something that we see in the Chevrolet lineup in the near future.


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Just how realistic a design like this could be is to be determined. However, we find it interesting to be able to get in the head of one of the designers of a premier brand in the automotive industry to see exactly where their thoughts are headed.

Perhaps, there is a day in the future where every truck looks like the Tesla Cybertruck. Maybe, though, it’s all nothing but a novelty.

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