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Lake Swallows Massive Super Duty and the Recovery is Complex

Heavy-duty trucks can be absolutely awesome. All of that extra weight that comes along with them and the extra power if one elects to go with a diesel engine can make towing an absolute dream. There’s nothing like cruising down the highway in a rig that doesn’t feel like it has anything behind it even if you’re pulling a substantial load.

However, while these modern heavy-duty trucks can be big and comfortable, there are also downsides to using them in certain situations, and this time, we aren’t necessarily talking about the extra price at the pump.

The downside that we’re talking about this time comes when the aforementioned extra weight works against you. In a situation where one heads off of the beaten path, this extra weight and size can be a pretty big detriment as these trucks can’t really get out of their own way when the ground is soft and sloppy.

This time, we check in with a Ford Super Duty that attempted to launch a couple of jet skis by rolling into a body of water. However, when the owner of this particular truck attempted to drive back out it just wasn’t happening. In fact, this truck was so sunken in the water that the lifted rig looked like it had a normal ride height as it was sunken incredibly deep.

The video below from Matt’s Off Road Recovery shows how exactly one goes about getting such a rig out of a tough position. Let’s just say that it takes a ton of weight, custom recovery trucks to go off-road, and some heavy-duty winches to yank the monster from the muddy soup. However, with enough determination and experience with something like this, it seems as if no truck is too big to be pulled from such a sloppy mess.

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