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Top 10 Tools of 2022 – The Only Ones You Need to Add to Your Collection

For somebody looking to add tools to their collection, the decision-making process can be a tough one.

Once a potential buyer has it narrowed down to the particular tool that they want, picking out a brand can be pretty hectic. Between marketing promising the moon and all of the different price points, knowing where to start can be like solving a puzzle. Unless somebody is brand loyal, going with the same make every time, being able to choose what’s good and what’s not can be rather confusing.

While every brand would probably like to tell you that its product is the best, there can only be one that is truly the best bang for your buck.

Fortunately, for those who want to skip out on the guesswork, there are YouTube channels like Torque Test Channel that dissect most of the brands that one might find in stores and even some that are exclusively online. Who knows? Maybe that off-brand Amazon tool might actually do the trick!

In this particular instance, we check in with the results of testing out 229 tools. Our host has approached each of these and recorded data from various tests to see which ones might be standouts. After going through so many different possible options, this video whittles the wide range down to the easiest, most convenient, and most reliable options possible. While sometimes, the tried and true keeps on trucking, other times, brands that one might not consider to be the best end up shining the brightest.

A video like this can really put things in perspective to show that sometimes, you can’t judge a book by its cover when it comes to tools. So, which one of the top 10 tools of 2022 as featured in this collection are you most likely to add to your own personal repertoire?

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