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New Canoo Electric Pickup Truck Presents Design Even More Absurd Than Tesla Cybertruck

The design of pickup trucks as we know them is quickly changing… well, it might be depending on how well some new trucks actually sell.

As of today, with what we see on the market, automotive manufacturers are still observing the traditional body lines of a pickup truck. However, right over the horizon, there are some manufacturers looking to change that up. Most notably, Tesla came to the table with a design that nobody could’ve predicted in the Cybertruck.

Now, how exactly well this futuristic-looking rig is actually going to sell is to be determined. However, that hasn’t stopped electric vehicle maker, Canoo, from following in the footsteps of Tesla and blowing up everything that we thought we knew about the pickup. The result is something that looks like an early 90s Toyota minivan merged with a Volkswagen bus in pickup truck form. That might sound like a little bit of a slight but honestly, we kind of like it.

Obviously, looks are going to be subjective and we don’t really think that they are the main attraction of the Canoo pickup, anyway.

Instead, the truck seems to draw us in with a modular design that can be tailored to anybody. For example, it seems like the people behind the design want to make sure that it can be molded to fit any lifestyle from someone who works every day to someone who likes to tailgate every weekend.

In order to do that, the truck is filled with all sorts of storage areas and work surfaces that pack things like charging outlets and USB ports. Up front, it has a particularly interesting section of storage that has a tailgate that they call the “front gate” that actually folds out to become a workbench or maybe a bar for the aforementioned tailgaters.

When we mix that in with 1800 pounds of payload and a 6-foot pickup truck bed, you can really see how the utility factor comes together. The truck makes 300 hp and 550 lb-ft of torque which are spread out over 200 miles of range.

This is really a vehicle that’s better seen than read about so checking out the video below can give you a better idea of what exactly you can expect when the Canoo pickup comes to market!