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Just How Hard is it to Put Your Truck Through a Brick Wall?

It seems as if one of the many threads running through the WhistlinDiesel YouTube channel is that of “What if?”

These “what if” scenarios seem to be ones that also share the common thread of topics that we never thought we would have been curious about. However, when somebody poses the question of if a truck can actually make it through a brick wall or if that’s just the work of special effects in movies, we can’t help but wonder what the outcome would be. You see, the difference between us and our host at WD is that WD is actually willing to go out and try this stuff out… you know, for science.

This time, the machine that is taking the abuse is none other than a Honda Ridgeline.

How exactly does one go about finding out if they can drive through a brick wall, though? It’s not exactly like you can drive down to the corner store and have your shot at running the structure over. You aren’t going to drive through your home, either.… Well, maybe that’s something we wouldn’t put past WD but not in this situation.

In this particular endeavor, a room of cinderblock walls is built around the Ridgeline to see if the truck can make its way out on its own. While our host does admit that he’s not exactly the best bricklayer, this looks like the perfect test to see just how this situation will play out in real life. Even though it’s not one that we are likely to run into in the real world anytime soon, watching it happen is something that really piques our curiosity.

By following along with the video below, we get treated to yet another unique WD display that certainly has managed to captivate our attention.