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Kye Kelley Cuts Brand New Race Car to Pieces Two Days Before Race Day- This Was Painful

Those who only casually pay attention to what their favorite racers are up to might not realize just how much work really goes into a successful racing operation. Putting together a No Prep Kings competitor like Kye Kelley’sShocker” most certainly is much more than a full-time job. In fact, Kye would probably laugh at the idea of working just 40 hours per week.

Fortunately for Kelley, his “If you’re going to beat us, you’re going to have to outwork us” strategy seems to have been working out pretty well so far. In this particular case, we see even more. on display that points to exactly that dynamic.

In between all of the traveling, normal maintenance, and of course, racing, there are a whole lot of fires that competitors in Kelley’s tier of racer need to put out. When you’re racing as frequently as he is, things are going to break and when they do, there’s no time to sit around, wondering how to fix it or waiting for the answer to come to you.

In this particular situation, we check in with a little bit of a test session just two days before a race with a relatively new car. As it just so happened, Kelley made a clean pass down the track and thought that perhaps he was ready to go racing but in this world, things could never be that simple. Instead, a pair of cracked four link brackets were discovered following the test pass which meant that they had to be fixed.

While replacing a bracket might seem like a relatively easy job, eight hours of grinding says otherwise. In fact, the racer says that he stayed up 26 hours straight all the name of getting this thing fixed. He even enlisted other folks’ help, borrowing a shop and having somebody who we would think Kelly probably considers a very good friend, driving a pair of brackets through the night to get to where the car was being fixed.

In the video below, we tune in as this fan favorite cut apart his brand-new race car just days before an event, all in the name of staying at the top.

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