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Two Favorites Clash! Jeff Lutz vs. Daddy Dave | Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings

At a race like No Prep Kings, nobody wants to race their friends in the early rounds. When push comes to shove, the 405 generally sees itself as one big team. When two members of the same team race each other, naturally, that means that only one can advance and one is going to have to sit it out on the sidelines.

This time, in a situation where the 405 simply had to race the 405 due to a chip draw situation, it was Daddy Dave versus Jeff Lutz. Both of these competitors are widely regarded as fan favorites and also two of the fastest to make their way down the streets of the 405. They were also likely two of the fastest cars on the No Prep Kings premises that night at Virginia Motorsports Park.

In this particular situation, it’s an early-round throw-down between Jeff Lutz’s brightly colored Pontiac GTO and Dave’s sinister Goliath Chevrolet Nova. A combination like this, while it’s not something that the racers were hoping for, is definitely something that the fans are going to absolutely love to watch.

Not only are these two widely considered heavy hitters. When friends race friends, things are even more personal than ever. Naturally, as these guys race each other all the time, they know each other’s builds inside and out. Lutz has a pretty good idea of how fast Dave is going to go. Meanwhile, having raced Lutz so many times, Dave has an intimate understanding of what’s going on with that Pontiac GTO in the next lane over.

By following along with the video below, we get to check in with this clash of the Titans. Which one of these two was going to go onto the next round? It’s about time to find out just that in this throwback action from Virginia.


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