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Kye Kelley Fixes Major Issues at the Last Minute, Still Drives Through NPK Field in Rockingham

Those who have been following along with the hustle of Street Outlaws fan favorite, Kye Kelley, know that maintaining his ride hasn’t exactly been a walk in the park. In fact, it has been anything but as the racer has faced a pretty high amount of trials and tribulations. As if having his car wrecked while he wasn’t even behind the wheel wasn’t a big enough challenge, ironing out the replacement seems to have thrown in a couple of curveballs.

The most recent curveball would come when Kelley was testing for the No Prep Kings event in Rockingham. Even though his test session seemed to go well, the competitor would discover that the brackets holding in his rear end were both cracked. While replacing a bracket might seem like something simple on the surface, it just wasn’t in this particular case. In fact, hours of grinding had to be done in order to even get the old one out before the new unit could even go in.

However, being the competitor that he is, Kelley worked through the night, sacrificing sleep so that he could have his car in shape to compete at No Prep Kings Rockingham.

This time, we get to follow along with the event from Kelley’s perspective as he chauffeurs us through the weekend, explaining how things are coming along and how the car is treating him. Even after spending long hours to get this thing fixed, it turns out that the repairs worked pretty well. Kelley would even knock down some pretty solid competition on his way to the event’s final round.

By following along with the video below, we get to see exactly how Shocker is rolling these days after seemingly endless hours of hard work have all come together. These are the moments that really seem to make all of that effort worth it.

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