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Launching a 1000+ HP Hellephant Powered Ram TRX at Wide Open Throttle

When it comes to modifying new releases that we see on the market, you can count on Hennessey Performance to be one of the first to the punch. No matter what machine it is, from the C8 Chevrolet Corvette all the way to the ram TRX, Hennessey seems to have their fingers under the hood, trying to make the most of these machines that are already potent from the factory.

With that in mind, it didn’t take very much time at all for the shop to get their hands on the most potent performance pickup truck on the market these days. When the Ram TRX originally came out, many would find themselves in awe of the 702 hp created by the pickup.

However, while most saw the most powerful pickup truck on the market, Hennessey saw an opportunity to make even more out of it. At the end of the day, under the hood, the architecture is just raring and ready to be tapped into, squeezing out even more power than is delivered from the factory.

With that, Hennessey would toss together a couple of packages, giving folks the option to outfit one of these things with a 900 hp or 1000 hp package. However, in a different build, it seems as if the crew went in a different direction to flex their creative muscles.

This time, we check in with a Hennessey build that actually took on an engine swap. Instead of the original Hellcat-esque architecture, this particular machine takes on a Hellephant crate engine. For those unfamiliar with the Hellephant package, it is a crate engine from Dodge that is a turnkey 1000 hp package. The 426 cubic inch monster, in this case, is good for 865 horsepower at the tires and 1000 at the crank.

Down below, we get to see the combination come to life as the throttle is opened up and this 1000+ horsepower monster launches like it means business!