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Let’s Settle This! – Is There a Difference Between $1 and $40 Wrenches?

For those of us who are looking to fill up our toolboxes, it’s not always a cut-and-dry situation. Buying tools can actually throw a little bit of a curveball in our direction at times. Unless someone has unlimited money to spend or is willing to sink themselves into substantial debt, sometimes, straying away from name-brand tools is just something that has to be done.

During this purchasing decision, we are left to wonder if the extra markup from name-brand components is really worth the money. In a lot of cases, the “cheap” brands simply just copy off of the name brands anyway so how much better could these super expensive tools really be?

The answer to that question obviously isn’t cut and dry. The outcome is all going to depend on the buyer’s expectations of the tool and their plan to use it. We have to remember that there is a wide variety of users from the casual weekend DIY warrior all the way to somebody who works on heavy equipment for a living and lots of folks in between.

Fortunately, YouTube channels like Project Farm exist just to get to the bottom of this very equation.

This time, we check in with yet another Project Farm video as they try to get to the bottom of which wrench is the best. As nothing more than a solid piece of metal, is there any possible way that the name-brand components here could bring more value than something cheap that you might get at a discount tool store?

By using a variety of different metrics, in the video below, our host tries to get to the bottom of just that question. After tuning in with this one, we get the feeling that everybody who watches is going to leave with a better understanding of whether they should be reaching for the top shelf or not when it comes to wrench purchases.