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Lock Picking Lawyer Shows us How Easy it is to Break Into His Own Car (A Ford Explorer ST)

When tuning in with the Lock Picking Lawyer, we have definitely learned that some security measures might not be as safe as they seem. Just because you spend an extra couple of bucks on a padlock doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to be crime-proof.

Instead, it seems as if we should all be investing in other measures of protection should we want something to truly be safe. At the end of the day, the vast majority of locks seem to be nothing more than a deterrent. If a criminal really wants to get inside of something or behind a lock, there’s a good chance that they have a way of doing that.

For those unfamiliar with this YouTube channel, basically, our host takes it upon himself to pick just about every lock that he can possibly get his hands on. In fact, the Lock Picking Lawyer has even come under fire from lock companies trying to send lawsuits in his direction for a showing just how easy it is to crack into pretty much any lock on the market.

This time, the Lock Picking Lawyer is putting himself on display. Using nothing more than a simple tool that he actually sells in his store, the creator shows us exactly how easy it is to break into his own car, a late model Ford Explorer ST.

Fortunately, with most modern vehicles, manufacturers have gotten a little bit smarter when it comes to security. With built-in electronics, apps on our phones will now tell us when there’s a security breach. However, it’s also a little bit concerning to see just how quickly someone can break into a car if they really want to.

On second thought, for how frequently I lock my own keys in my car, maybe keeping a tool like this on hand would actually be a pretty good idea.