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Daddy Dave: “I Forgot to Read the Instructions on the ProCharger Install!”

Believe it or not, Daddy Dave of Street Outlaws has a couple of days off for himself every now and then. With such a hectic schedule that takes Dave touring all over the country, racing in several different formats and on different television shows, and almost seems like he’s always on the move, either working on his car or racing it.

This time, though, the Street Outlaws fan favorite has a little bit of time to himself. As Dave fills us in, though, we learn that even when he has time off, he just can’t sit still. Dave says that this is when he gets bored and starts to spend money. Therefore, he has decided instead, to spend his time out in the garage making himself a little bit of money. That’s quite a work ethic, for somebody who already works harder than most people, to go and work even more when he has a couple of days off.

On these days off, Dave brought the camera along for the ride so that fans could see what exactly he was up to. First, he showed us a new race car that a buddy dropped off and Dave is working on. However, that’s not the subject of this video.

Instead, the star of the show this time is a short-bed Chevy that is driven by a 16-year-old girl that races the truck in a high school class. As she has outgrown the setup that the truck currently boasts, Dave is going to be working on a new motor and adding a ProCharger to it.

Even though Dave tells us that he has done a variety of ProCharger setups, even some of the biggest names in the game make a mistake now and then. In this particular case, they’ve missed one crucial part of the instructions as it pertains to the water pump which had him spending a little bit of time searching online for some new parts.

Below, we catch up with the latest from Daddy Dave Racing as he spends some relaxing time in the garage earning a couple of bucks.