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Man Swaps Seats With Dog in Traffic Stop, Blames Dog for DUI

Witnessing somebody trying to switch places with a passenger after being pulled over probably isn’t anything new. For somebody who thinks that they are going to be charged with a serious offense such as a DUI, we’re sure that police see folks try to swap seats plenty of times.

However, what one Colorado man did in order to trick a police officer into thinking that he was innocent definitely took the cake.

Not only did the Colorado man attempt to jump out of the driver seat and into the passenger seat. He attempted to get his dog who that sitting in the passenger seat to act like it was driving the car.

This almost seems like an act of fiction but the police report most definitely says otherwise. When people are desperate and have their back against the wall, some will do anything that it takes, in certain circumstances, to try and get out of the situation. The individual in this case who was later found to have warrants for his arrest was probably trying to avoid a situation where the police interrogated him at all costs.

Of course, the police didn’t fall for it. After the man claimed that the dog was driving when the car was seen speeding and pulled over, Colorado police arrested the man who was apparently driving while intoxicated and got lost a little bit.

After being pulled from the car, the man attempted to run from the police on foot. However, he didn’t make it very far at all as he was apprehended just 20 yards away. As our host, Steve Lehto, points out, for somebody looking to run away that’s not exactly very far so we can just picture this situation playing out like a skit from Reno 911.

Maybe next time staying sober behind the wheel would be the better play.

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