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“Balto” the Old Snowmobile Powered Miata

There’s a profound allure to builds that dare to defy boundaries. When meticulously selecting the perfect blend of components, the result can be pure magic. Whether it’s breaking records or triumphing in competitions, such combinations captivate us. Yet, on the other side of the spectrum, there exist creations that grip our attention even more, without achieving those conventional benchmarks.

These builds are remarkable for an entirely different reason. Witnessing someone bring to fruition an unconventional combination is undeniably enthralling. It’s a spectacle that transcends metrics and metrics alone, offering sheer entertainment in its purest form.

When one selects just the right combination of parts, they can end up making magic happen. Whether it’s setting a record or winning an event, these types of combinations can really win us over. On the flip side of that coin, though, there are certain creations that equally have our attention if not more so. This all comes without accomplishing many of those aforementioned metrics.

These builds are definitely something awe-inspiring but for a different reason entirely. Watching somebody’s ability to make an off-the-wall combination like this come to life is nothing short of completely entertaining.

This is where something like “Balto” enters the ring. The build starts with one of the most accessible platforms in all of the racing the Mazda Miata. However, before long, there are a whole bunch of parts in this concoction that don’t resemble a Miata at all. In fact, this might be an engine swap unlike any that we have ever seen. No, it isn’t an LS or some sort of Ford motor. The Hero of the story wasn’t pulled from a roadworthy vehicle at all.

By following along with the build below, we get to catch up with the small vehicle that’s powered by a snowmobile. Under the hood is a 700cc 3-cylinder 2-stroke pull-start Yamaha Mountainmax engine. When combined with a belt drive CVT transmission, things really come to life. Yes, we are very serious when we say that you’re about to watch a snowmobile-powered Miata making its way around the racetrack. As the engine screams to about 9000 RPM, the car really makes itself a spectacle. Sometimes, it’s not in spending the most money but instead, about how creative you can get with that money.

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