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This $99 Lawnmower Engine Swapped Honda Actually Runs Pretty Well

We’ve all heard the jokes that tease Honda owners and poke fun at them comparing their cars to lawnmowers because of the small displacement that one finds under the hood. While it’s usually all fun and games, the owner of one Honda Insight decided that he was going to bring those fun and games to reality.

This person with an interest in engineering decided that because they had a lightweight and aerodynamic vehicle that it didn’t really need to make all that much power. Apparently, “not all that much power” is basically no power at all!

That’s right, our host would take the liberty of seeing just how little power this Honda really needed.

With this idea in mind, the result is one of the most unique engine swaps that we have ever seen. The best part is that the engine question only cost $99 and can probably be purchased from just about any local Harbor Freight store. The Internet were talking about, of course, is a lawnmower engine that makes a whopping 6.5 hp.

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking. There’s absolutely no way that an engine that’s designed to push along something so light as a lawnmower could possibly propel a full-sized car, even if it is a compact car that’s made of lightweight materials. However, when push comes to shove, the swap actually does come together quite well, creating a concoction that works out as the machine gets up to pretty impressive speeds given the components on board.

Below, we get to see how exactly the car comes together and what it looks like when this thing is making its way down the highway. As it turns out, while horsepower is nice to get you from where you are and where you need to be, technically it might not be entirely necessary in some cases.