Mercedes X Class YACHTING Edition – Maybach Pickup from Carlex Design

In today’s showcase of extravagant wealth, we present to you the Mercedes-Benz ...

In today’s showcase of extravagant wealth, we present to you the Mercedes-Benz X 350 d 4MATIC EXY YACHTING aka The Mercedes X-Class Yachting Edition.

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Essentially, the truck felt it appropriate to combine the luxury of Mercedes with the vibe of yachting. The folks behind it at Carlex Design say that it’s “A perfectly balanced combination of a functional pickup truck with marine design and perfect trim.”

Before we get into some of the specifics, we might address the most obvious question on the plate for most Americans. If you’re questioning how exactly this brand came up with a Mercedes-Benz pickup truck, it’s because it actually exists. The Mercedes-Benz X-class was a midsize pickup truck offered in different parts of the world but not in America due to import restrictions.

This particular rendition of the X-class is built from 2019 model and would be limited to just 100 examples. It doesn’t appear as if we will see another in the future, either, as the X-class has been discontinued altogether as of 2020.

With the Yachting Edition, we find different features that really spice up the midsize pickup and bring it to life. For example, the truck features a widebody kit and different styling components such as painted trim, carbon fiber diffusers, and electric side steps. No matter where you look on this truck, most of the visual components have been spiced up to some degree whether it’s through painting or replacing them with something more flashy.

As the name infers, the vehicle feels a little bit more like a boat than your traditional pickup truck would. One of the aspects that really brings this out is the woodgrain throughout the truck that really reminds us of a teak finish that would typically be used on a boat. The same wood finish is even used to line the bed which is really a nice touch!

Inside, yet again, it would appear as of just about everything has been modified. From the highly customized seats to the steering wheel that has been re-shaped and trimmed with exotic wood, this limited edition ride strives to feel like your yacht away from your yacht.

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