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Motorcyclist ‘Flips Off’ Deputies Before Colliding With Truck in Intersection, Being Arrested

While technically not illegal, flipping off a police officer is probably not a great idea.

Flipping off a police officer on your motorcycle as you drive through an intersection with a red light hanging above your head is an awful idea. As if trying to get away wasn’t enough, adding in a little bit of insult really puts a target on your back.

For one motorcyclist, these details would allegedly outline the situation he would find himself in and as we would end up finding out, the situation didn’t age too gracefully for him. In fact, you have to feel like a real idiot if something like this ended up circulating on the internet.

The scene started when a Volusia Sheriff’s Office patrol car spotted a group of motorcycles and tried to pull them over. Apparently, some of the motorcycle riders didn’t exactly care to pull over and see what the officer wanted. One of the members of the group was the aforementioned individual who not only decided to ignore the lights and sirens but also made an effort to break other traffic laws including blowing through a red light while throwing up a particularly aggressive hand gesture.

While participating in this dangerous adventure, the motorcycle managed to clip a pickup truck in the intersection which would eventually lead to the rider of the bike losing his wheels and continuing to flee the pursuit on foot. Eventually, police did manage to apprehend the individual who suddenly claimed to have a leg injury.

Below, the crew from Inside Edition takes the time to dissect the situation, showing us footage of the crazy incident unfolding right in front of our eyes. It’s really amazing how brazen some people can be and what they will do to try and evade the law at all costs, even if it means putting themselves and others in danger.