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Things Get Heats in NASCAR’s Best “Unsportsmanlike Conduct” Moments

When it comes to racing, emotions can certainly run high. In the sport of NASCAR, this is especially true as there are all sorts of situations that one can end up in where two drivers or more will butt heads with one another.

Whether it’s trying to fit a car somewhere that maybe there isn’t enough room or perhaps pushing the envelope just a little bit too far in terms of being aggressive, drivers who have differences of opinion can really end up in a fit of rage. After all, with so much effort invested and so much money on the line, nobody wants to head out there on race day, only to be put into the wall, lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money and damages, and end up going to the next track without a win all because that other driver stepped out of line.

However, time and time again, we find that all of these different personalities out on the race track have a way of clashing both physically and emotionally. The fun part for fans is that some drivers have a little bit more of a tendency to do this than others and watching the storylines unfold is certainly a big part of the appeal as rivalries are born and the stories write themselves.

In the video below, we check in with some of the “unsportsmanlike conduct” moments that have come to life over the years. Let’s just say that sometimes, when incidents happen out on the racing surface, drivers aren’t willing to let it go. With that, things can boil over to the point where maybe they end up using their cars to do some damage. Furthermore, after all of the action is said and done on the track, some drivers might even take it upon themselves to get a little bit physical outside of their racing machines as well.