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NBA Player Picks up Hellcat Fused Chrysler 300 That is CLEAN!

Let’s face it – the Hellcat architecture is downright awesome. The fact that an automaker decided to release a package that allows us to hop behind the wheel of something that throws down over 700 horsepower all while retaining the factory drivability and a warranty is insane. As such, we feel like it’s only right that they throw the engine in just about every platform that they make.

For the most part, FCA has done just that, appeasing enthusiasts by slapping the monstrous powertrain in everything from a Jeep to a Dodge Durango and even a Ram pickup. The one gaping hole in the lineup that never received the likes of 707 supercharged horsepower is none other than the Chrysler 300.

This time, though, we check in with a build that spans that gap, taking the shell of a 300 and a Hellcat donor car, fusing the two of them together to create the monster that, frankly, we’re a little bit surprised that the folks at FCA never decided to release for themselves.

By following along with the video below, we catch up with Khal_SRTthe SRT performance mastermind who fused the cars together down to the white Hellcat Charger interior. The best part is that this thing looks and performs as if it came straight from the factory. In this one, we not only get a once-over of the car right before the keys are handed over to its owner who also happens to play in the NBA. We also get the chance to go for a ride in the machine that is most certainly going to turn heads everywhere that it goes.

For those wondering why FCA never shoveled the Hellcat engine into a 300 sedan, this is the video for you! Personally, after watching this one, we think that the powers behind Chrysler might just decide to add this combo to the assembly line.