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New MANSORY Rolls-Royce Ghost is V12 Performance Luxury as We’ve Never Seen Before

For those who are fans of the finer things in life, they might find an interest in a company called Mansory. Essentially, this is a brand that takes some of the most high-end luxury automotive names in the world and makes them even better in a variety of different ways from looks to luxury features and even performance.

One of their recent projects surrounds the Rolls-Royce Ghost and Mansory has really taken this V12 powered sedan to the moon.
From a plethora of carbon fiber including the hood all the way to interior customizations and even a power increase, this thing looks like it’s ready to feast on weaker luxury cars.

To name a couple of custom additions, we find an integrated carbon fiber front lip with side flaps finished in carbon fiber. We also find a radiator grille that can be illuminated in the driver’s color of choice. Other additions such as carbon fiber sills and air outlets complete the custom exterior that attempts to make the Rolls-Royce a bit more aggressive.

Inside, we find a custom interior made of white leather. Mansory insists that, like Rolls-Royce, they also use the finest materials available. The focal point of the interior is a leather–carbon sports steering wheel with carbon inlays that really pop and give the driver something to make the car feel more like the racing machine that it is at heart.

Last but not least, we find our way to the performance element of things. It’s not quite often that you see a Rolls-Royce updated under the hood but with this particular package, we find upgraded turbochargers, a completely new exhaust system, and an ECU that has been modified to control all of the upgraded components.

The Ghost is pretty expensive from the factory with a starting price of $332,500. While the price of the Mansory upgrades isn’t published, we would expect that $500,000 would be a likely starting point.