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No Prep Kings Competitor Ends up in the Wall, Car Goes up in Flames

No Prep Kings Rockingham seemed to be quite a tumultuous ride for at least one racer. When Mike Bowman made his way down the track, things quickly went awry during the pass. Bowman seemed to have things under control for the majority of the lap. However, it appears as if something just went wrong toward the finish line as the car began to slide out of control. It almost looks like there might’ve been some sort of substance on the track or leaking from the car’s engine that caused it to start to move around.

Fans held their breath as the Chevrolet Chevelle went sideways, skidding back and forth as the driver frantically attempted to keep the car out of the wall. At one point, it almost looked like he was going to be successful but unfortunately, just couldn’t manage to regain full control of the sliding race car before it ended up making a pretty harsh collision.

To add insult to injury, following the wreck, it becomes more clear that there was fluid leaking from the machine at one point, whether it was before or after the impact. The fluids then became engulfed in flames which causes the car to go up in flames as well.

Bowman made a point of posting to Facebook, thanking everyone for their concern. The post reiterates that the driver is fine but the car most certainly isn’t. The post also says that Mike will be dropping the car off to get fixed before he comes home. Hopefully, this racer will make his way back to No Prep Kings before long.

The video below from Mike Bowman Racing shows the incident as the car makes an ugly collision with the wall. We couldn’t help but be hopeful that maybe the driver would regain control but that simply wasn’t the case. Once a car goes sliding at those speeds, it’s mostly sheer luck if one is able to regain control and keep their machine in one piece.