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Once-in-a-Lifetime Crash Sends BMW Over the Roof of an Aston Martin

During the course of a race, neither of the fans nor the competitors or anyone else truly knows what’s going to happen. Every once in a while, though, when we tune in to a competition, we get the opportunity to witness a once-in-a-lifetime event come to life.

This time, such a once-in-a-lifetime event happened during the Michelin pilot challenge at Detroit as a couple of racers seemed to misjudge a situation when they both pushed toward a corner.

As Rory Rory Ven Der Steur approached a left turn in his Aston Martin, things quickly evolve from normal racing conditions to something and unlike any other incident that we have ever seen before. While being trailed by Robert Megennis in his bright yellow BMW, the two would make contact in the left turn. It’s not exactly apparent which driver was more at fault as Ven Der Steur closed the door on the quickly approaching BMW and drove deep into the corner but the result was absolutely insane to watch. Announcers speculated that maybe Megennis missed his braking point in the BMW.

After the cars made contact, Megennis’s BWM reacted in a strange way that was rather epic for the cameras. Instead of bumping the Aston Martin out of the way and spinning out, the BMW leaped into the air, almost reacting as if it was a skateboard performing a trick as it skidded across the top of the blue Aston Martin.

The car would then come down on the tire barrier before hitting the ground, at which point, its driver appeared to react out of pure instinct, attempting to take off from the corner before realizing that the car had undergone a significant amount of damage.

Below, we ride along with the event that drew the attention of the motorsport community early in June.