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Operating a Bulldozer Through a Raging River Isn’t the Safest Job in the World

There are a lot of jobs out there that are just more hazardous than your typical 9 to 5. Sometimes, these jobs require going to insane physical heights to get things done. Other times, maybe it requires putting yourself in the middle of a raging river to get the task at hand accomplished. These are just a couple examples of the many situations that one might find themselves in where maybe hazard pay is something that a worker might expect.

This time, we check in with an operator behind the controls of a CAT bulldozer. Operating one of these things can be dangerous enough for somebody who isn’t experienced but apparently, the individual behind the controls this time has plenty of experience to the point where he’s willing to throw himself into a situation that looks rather tumultuous.

Video cameras record as the heavy piece of equipment is thrust in the middle of what looks like a raging river. Apparently, the objective here is to move a little bit of material to help calm down the situation with the water. We would probably venture a guess to say that the only way to get that done was to take this piece of heavy machinery and drive it through the water.

While we would probably also guess that it would take a lot more water to move something this heavy, it certainly is a brave act to be willing to go out there and try something like this. The sheer look of the situation might be enough to make most people just a little bit nervous. Being able to actually take yourself out there is pretty impressive. Not just that but it seems as if this operator has no cares in the world as he’s swinging that piece of heavy equipment around like it’s nothing!

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