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Police Chase 12-Year-Old Boy Who Stole Forklift

In a bizarre incident that seemed straight out of a Grand Theft Auto video game, a Michigan preteen led police on a half-hour chase before being apprehended. Ann Arbor Police Department recently released video footage capturing this remarkably low-speed pursuit that most certainly had to have bystanders confused as they watched the spectacle buzz past.

The unusual chain of events began when an unattended bucket lift truck with keys inside was left in a middle school parking lot. The person who left the truck without any layer of security is likely kicking themselves at this point. Seizing the opportunity, a 12-year-old boy decided to take the wheel and embark on an unexpected joyride. While such scenarios might be tempting for many young kids, it’s uncommon for them to act on such impulses. This preteen took the chance to ride away with the piece of equipment and make headlines.

A 9-1-1 call alerted the police to the unfolding situation, and when they caught up, they found themselves in a 15 to 20-mph chase through the city. It didn’t seem as if there was any point in time where the young driver stood a chance of getting away, yet the chase persisted for quite some time.

Despite the relatively slow pace, the 12-year-old managed to collide with several parked vehicles, resulting in damage. Fortunately, no individuals were harmed during this peculiar police chase, which undoubtedly turned heads as it weaved through Ann Arbor.

Once the dust settled, the 12-year-old was apprehended and subsequently taken to the juvenile detention center. Hopefully, this series of events can stand as an example of what not to do in the future for the young driver.

Inside Edition provides detailed insights into the obscure and attention-grabbing incident, accompanied by a video showcasing one of the more unusual police chases you’re likely to witness.