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Putting a Gas Engine in Tesla Then Taking it to Get an Oil Change

There’s nothing quite like a well-executed good old fashioned prank to lighten the mood. As it turns out, the creator by the name of Vlog Creations has a way of putting a smile on our faces with detailed pranks that always have a light-hearted vibe to them.

This time, the idea in question took quite a bit of money and lots of time investment to be able to execute. In fact, in order to make this prank go over well, the pranksters had to pick up a Tesla and modify it in order to be able to follow through with the idea.

Essentially, the concept was to take a Tesla Model S, a vehicle that is fully electric, and bring it to a mechanic shop with the aim of getting the oil changed. Naturally, on such a vehicle, there is normally no oil to change. However, when our host decides that he’s going to swap in a gasoline-powered engine without telling anybody, you have yourself a pretty confused mechanic.

When we throw in the fact that the guy driving the car acts like he has absolutely no idea about anything, things can get a little bit even more entertaining.

Down in the video below, we check in with the ultimate prank that really has the mechanic in question just a little bit confused. Eventually, the mechancic does get to the bottom of the idea that this particular Tesla does have a gasoline-powered engine under the hood and that it has been extensively modified. However, our host does such a good job acting like he’s completely lost that the mechanic has an entirely new challenge on his hands to take down.

If you want to talk about a completely obscure interaction that certainly fooled the target to the fullest extent of a prank – this is it!