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Real Life Cowboys Chase Down Loose Cow on Oklahoma Highway

I’ll take “Things one would only see in Oklahoma for $500, Alex!”

Sometimes, it’s downright amazing to see the things that we see pop in the news. This time, we check in with a situation that you’re definitely never going to see unless you live close to a rural area. Even then, we think this would be a rather big head-scratcher for all of those who witnessed it firsthand.

Apparently, for one Oklahoma farm, they would be missing at least one cow. Now, when the cow got loose, we might’ve expected it to walk down the road and lay down but this cow was ready for action. In fact, the cow looked like it was downright on a mission.

Instead of taking it easy, the cow would get loose on interstate 40 near Pennsylvania Ave. The situation became incredibly dangerous not only for the cow but also for motorists. Plowing into a heavy animal like that is a formula for great danger.

Fortunately, though, the cow eventually wandered its way to a service road. This is where the cowboys hopped into action. With the help of a couple of UTVs, the rescue effort was on. However, it seemed as if the effort with these machines was futile. This is when the big guns had to be broken out, creating a scene that rivals an old western as a couple of cowboys with lassos chased down the cow gone rogue.

If you told me that this was a situation straight out of a video game I would definitely believe you. However, I certainly didn’t expect to wake up today and see a couple of cowboys chasing down a cow on a highway. I guess that sometimes, though, life has a way of throwing us curveballs. Fortunately, it seemed as if these cowboys had a plan and knew what they were doing!