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“Reaper” Wheels Transform Polaris RZR to All-Terrain Death Machine

For those who haven’t been introduced to WhistlinDiesel by now, well, you’re in for a little bit of a shock. This guy basically does all of the extreme and absurd things that he possibly can in order to create the most entertaining content for his fans, all with the hopes of going viral which he finds a way to do quite frequently. Sometimes, this means trashing incredibly expensive supercars. Other times, the viral video might be in taking a monster truck into the Gulf of Mexico to see if it can function properly as a boat. No matter what the topic of discussion, though, with a WD video, it always seems like we’re in for some sort of a surprise.

This time, we get yet another surprise as he breaks out a concept that we’ve seen on the channel once or twice. With a creation that he calls “Reaper wheels,” we see what’s basically a variety of long spikes mounted to a wheel hub that can be used in place of a traditional wheel. When these things get mounted, let’s just say that a little bit of chaos is sure to ensue.

In this particular outing, the variety of Reaper wheel that’s being put into use is going on none other than a Polaris RZR. If you thought that these little side-by-side machines were fun to start with, just imagine driving around on one that has spikes for wheels. When push comes to shove, it definitely looks about as fun as it sounds but it also seems like something that’s probably a little bit more destructive than most would be willing to deal with. It seems as if there’s still a little R&D to be done to perfect the wheels as well.

By following along with the video below, we get exactly what we came to a WhistlinDiesel video for – pure destruction.