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Ryan Martin vs Monza in Final Shootout (Street Outlaws Throwback)

As the Street Outlaws have progressed incredibly far with how they race, it’s sometimes fun to take a look back over the timeline from time to time to see where they’ve all been.

As fans watch today, the show’s format has switched back to a small tire shindig. However, it wasn’t long ago that we watched big tire racing machines that were going to head to head on the street. In this particular throwback battle, we tune in with a situation where competitor, Monza, has been coming for front runner, Ryan Martin, all season. During the show’s final shootout in Chicago, Monza found his last chance to take a shot at the driver who was pretty tough to beat up until this point.

As we all know, these two competitors are consistently toward the front of the pack. At the time, Martin remained confident of his position at the pole. However, he seemed to have a great deal of respect for Monza and what he brought to the table. Therefore, he wasn’t taking anything lightly as he rolled into this final round in the Windy City.

The result was actually a step for Martin in the process of turning his car up. When driving on this level, competitors seek to find that perfect middle ground of making as much power as they can without losing traction. Apparently, Martin was giving the car more and more juice to see how far he could push things so this race was a competition as much as an experiment to find the limits of the Fireball Camaro… if it truly has any.

Below, we get to check in with the throwback to provide an iconic clash between two racers that fans just can’t help but love. No matter how far these racers might come, we can’t help but love a classic race!