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8 Mistakes/Details From “Gone in 60 Seconds” That Only Car Enthusiasts Would Notice

If the Gone in 60 Seconds movie is one of your favorites and you don’t want to see some of the glaring mistakes that were made in production, we would probably click out of this one.

However, just like pretty much any other movie, Gone in 60 Seconds is not exempt from a couple of mistakes. As we have noticed with endless analysis of the Fast and Furious films, the car community has a keen eye and will point out when there are technical inaccuracies in Hollywood productions.

This time, we take a trip back in time to check in with the classic from the year 2000 that features a whole host of special rides. The film was unforgettable but when we saw some of the mistakes made, those became unforgettable, too.

Some of these mistakes and details are only ones that diehard car fanatics would notice but they are mistakes nonetheless. From the blackboard that has a couple of errors that keen eyes have spotted to the idea that Eleanor was almost a Ford GT40, and even the tidbit that the 50-card list somehow managed to contain 51 cars in an oversight, some of the details here just don’t line up.

Don’t get me wrong, though, none of these fun facts are enough to derail the film’s place on the Mount Rushmore of automotive media.

Down below, our host, Graham Borrajo, goes through the film with a fine toothcomb, digging up some of the question marks that fans of the film might have noticed over the years. Our host also attempts to bring some of these technical inaccuracies around full circle to try and explain them.

After watching this one, there are at least a couple of things that we feel like you’ll never be able to overlook again when tuning into this classic film.