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Seeing How a Carburetor Actually Works With a Transparent Carb and 28,546 SlowMo Camera

Sure, those who have a general idea of how some basic automotive components function probably know what a carburetor does. It’s one of the first things that we learn about when learning about how internal combustion engines work.

This time, though, we check in with SmarterEveryDay as our host takes us to a new level of understanding how such a component might work.

After getting the master class in carburetors from his mechanically inclined father, the engineer took it upon himself to create a see-through carburetor and combined that handy little piece of engineering with a high-speed camera, the perfect combo for the best perspective.

Therefore, those who learn visually are able to get a little bit better of an idea of how exactly something like this works out. Sure, we know that a carb mixes together air and fuel to create combustion. How exactly is it functioning when in use, though? This is pretty handy information to know as most small engines as of today are still carbureted while newer cars are not.

Our host has quite a way of explaining things and we get a feeling that after watching this one, most folks will know more than they ever thought to be possible about how a carburetor functions. After watching this one, you might even be able to go out and fix the carburetor on your lawnmower for yourself without having to pay somebody else to do it!

It’s always handy to have that additional piece of knowledge in your toolbelt!

By following along with the video below, we get to check in with this interesting layout that gives us an all-new view of something that most mechanically inclined folks are probably already pretty familiar with. Looking at it like this, though, gives us a different perspective to appreciate.

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