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SEMA Pranksters Enforce “Catfish Policy,” Tell Exhibitor He Needs to Remove His Car

What fun is life if we have to take things seriously all the time?

Of course, when it comes to a show like SEMA, there is a lot of serious energy in the air. Sure, given that the show is hosted in Las Vegas every year, there is a lot of partying that happens after hours. However, for the exhibitors, show hours can be pretty stressful. After all, not only are they thinking about all of the people that are going to be looking at their work. They are certainly also coming off of a lot of long and hard hours of building these dream cars. The effort can be incredibly draining to say the least.

Therefore, after some of these creations take months if not years to put together, it would be an absolute nightmare if there was a disaster at the show for one reason or another. In this case, TikTok user, @zwingdrifts , decided to play a little prank on one of the exhibitors to make them think just that!

When approaching a man named Mike who was representing a custom car company by the name of StanceWorks at the show, the idea was to enforce the show’s “catfish policy.” In other words, this policy that was made up by the pranksters was designed to keep out cars that were promised to be delivered in one way but showed up looking different than promised.

The pranksters did a pretty good job delivering the idea as they made poor Mike believe that the car in question was supposed to show up with a Ferrari motor but showed up with a Honda motor under the hood instead. Therefore, they informed him that the car would have to be removed from the show floor because it wasn’t as promised. They even threatened to tow it if Mike couldn’t come up with a trailer.

Below, we check in with the panic-inducing prank that most certainly had to have the target’s mind flying at all of the potential outcomes of this one.

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