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Simple DIY Shows How You Can Prevent Your Car From Rusting Forever

One of the unfortunate parts of trying to take care of a vehicle is that it can be pretty hard to keep mother nature out of the equation. For any traditional automotive frame that isn’t something special made out of carbon fiber or aluminum, rust is going to be a consideration throughout the life of a vehicle. Fortunately, some older vehicles have been maintained and taken care of to the point where maybe rust isn’t an issue just yet. However, for those who fail to do regular maintenance, rust can consume a vehicle, eating everything from the frame to different body panels.

How does one kiss the rust goodbye before it even starts?

One thing that vehicle owners can do regularly to keep the rust off of their vehicles is to keep the car washed. Something as simple as heading to the car wash with your daily driver every once in a while can knock some of the salty debris from the frame and make sure that your ride lives a little bit longer. Just make sure that the car wash is equipped with an undercarriage washing component. However, for those who are serious about car care, maybe a car wash isn’t for them. For those people, you’re in luck.

For those who want to go an extra step in maintaining the underside of their ride, there are some products out there that do a good job of prohibiting mother nature from doing her thing and corroding the metal back into the ground from where it once came.

This time, we tune in with YouTube creator, Waldo’s World, who shows off how exactly one might use something like an oil undercoating so that rust isn’t as much of a factor. Whether one is in an area that gets salt from the sea that promotes corrosion or somewhere that receives snow and might have salt spread by man, oil undercoating might be the way to go to help preserve the undercarriage of just about any vehicle and protect it from the terror of the nasty chemical reaction that we all know as rust.

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