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Six-Figure Chevy C10 Short bed pickup with 148 miles, WHAT’S IT WORTH? | Barn Find Hunter

Sometimes, when we come across certain vehicles, we can’t help but be absolutely amazed at their story.

For example, just imagine going out, purchasing a brand-new vehicle, and letting it sit in storage for its entire lifetime. Imagine that when you buy this vehicle, it’s not even something special like a Corvette or a Camaro but instead a Chevrolet C10 pickup truck.

Of course, these days, the C10 has become a popular platform in the hot rod community. However, back in the 80s, it was simply a pickup truck as we would see a brand new pickup truck today. It’s hard to imagine somebody purchasing something like this and putting it in storage for the sake of collectibility yet here we are decades later and that’s exactly the case.

When one individual did just that, the result is a nearly 40-year-old truck with just 148 miles on the odometer. The best part of this truck is that it is 100% original all the way down to the plastic packaging that came on the seats.

The truck is also loaded with the likes of an AM/FM radio along with a CD player which was absolutely kickin’ at the time in 1985.

This time, we ride along with the folks at Hagerty who check in with the truck and its owner who gives us the story and how exactly this truck ended up in his possession with so few miles.

After learning a little bit about the truck, our host tries to use his evaluation tools to put a value on the truck. As it turns out, his references say that a truck that has been fully restored in concourse condition brings about a $32,500 valuation. However, this doesn’t consider the mileage or the fact that it’s all original, probably because trucks like this are so incredibly rare that it’s kind of hard to put a value on them.

How does one evaluate a restored truck versus something that still has the original tires and factory chalk marks? This thing is basically a one-of-a-kind museum piece.

When push comes to shove with this particular example, we would be inclined to think that it would bring at least six figures at auction. A similar truck was said to have sold for $113,000, according to the owner of this black beauty.

Tune in with the video below to witness this gem for yourself.