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The NEW 2025 Camaro SUV Confirmed – Would You Buy One?

The news that the Chevrolet Camaro would be discontinued after 2024 was disheartening for many muscle car enthusiasts. It seems that many of our favorite combustion-powered machines are slowly fading away into obscurity. Not only is the Camaro done after 2024 but we will also see Dodge exterminate the likes of the Challenger and Charger from its lineup as well at the end of this year.

However, General Motors isn’t just going to let one of the most recognizable automotive nameplates in the world go to waste. Like its competitors, GM is going to take the chance to let the Camaro nameplate live on by slapping it on vehicles that have nothing to do with the original at all. That’s right, we will still see the Camaro name past the 2024 run of the familiar sports car that we all know and love. Instead, it has been confirmed that there will be a Camaro SUV over the horizon.

This move is bound to stir up controversy, as people have become very attached to the Camaro nameplate. However, General Motors has new ideas in mind, perhaps creating a machine to rival the SUVs produced by nameplates like Ferrari and Lamborghini. You know that consumer preferences are changing when exotic nameplates start trying to tackle the SUV market.

In a recent video, Brian Mello spilled the details about the upcoming Camaro SUV. In it, we also hear about the potential for a sub-brand, splitting Camaro off to become its own brand, much like Ram separated from Dodge a couple of years back. If Camaro eventually becomes its own brand, it would make sense to have more than one model as well. Below, our host explores some of the possibilities that we might see in the coming years with the Camaro nameplate.

It’s definitely going to be a bumpy road ahead, so buckle up your seatbelt.