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Speeding Down the Highway on a “Split Wheel” Motorcycle – What Could Go Wrong?

Sometimes, when we take a tour of YouTube, we see some things that really stand out – and not in the functional “I need to try that kind of way.” Oh no. Instead, these sorts of projects are more or less in the vein of needing to check them out because they’re so far from the norm that we need to know what happens next. This project is certainly no different as a feat of engineering is taken on that is nothing short of incredibly obscure.

This time, the idea, while simple, is one that most certainly falls into the category of “Why would you try this?” The concept at hand is to build a split wheel motorcycle which basically means that a typical bike is extended a little bit and two wheels are used to power it from the swing arm. However, instead of being two full wheels, this particular motorcycle has each of the rear wheels cut in half.

Essentially, the idea here is that when one is touching the pavement, the other one is rotated upward and the pair switches out as the assembly rotates around. It’s definitely something that’s much easier to understand with a visual aid. However, when one finally does lay eyes on the odd project, we get a feeling that most are going to have even more questions than answers.

Therefore, we would encourage you to check out the video below from the Bikes and Beards YouTube channel which showcases the project coming to life. Whether or not something like this would be a very practical way to get down the highway isn’t necessarily a debate. However, the fact remains that it’s absolutely guaranteed to turn heads wherever it goes, even if it is the most dangerous thing to ever sit on a set of three wheels.