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Man Runs Across Busy, Icy Highway to Stop Runaway Car

Every once in a while, right in the middle of real life, we find a situation come alive that showcases an individual who almost makes themselves seem like a real-life superhero.

This time, that very situation would show itself when a woman passed out behind the wheel of her car during a medical emergency. As the car was underway, vehicle would continue to roll its way down the highway, drifting into a ditch but still maintaining forward momentum as she was incapacitated and unable to hit the brakes.

As the vehicle housing the unconscious woman was more and more at risk of an accident with every second that passed, a good Samaritan put his life in danger in an attempt to help. A video would capture the situation as Adolfo Molina ran across the snowy highway in front of traffic, attempting to do everything that he could to intervene in the situation that seemed as if it would go incredibly poorly if nobody helped.

As it turns out, the person with just the right credentials was in the right place at the right time. The man who ran with the speed of traffic wasn’t just any person but instead a former athlete who used to play for the Toronto Blue Jays minor league baseball team. His athletic background seemed to give him the edge to be able to keep up with the slow-moving traffic.

Unfortunately, our hero was unable to get the door open even though his effort was valiant. It appears as if the door was simply locked which meant that the man could do nothing but watch what happened next. The car would continue to hit a barricade before eventually coming to a stop. The woman inside would be transported to a local hospital for treatment.