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A Devastating Loss! Jeff Lutz vs Felicia Smith! | Street Outlaws

One of the things that we can’t help but love about the new season of Street Outlaws is just how varied the field of cars has been so far. This is something that fan favorite, M*rder Nova, couldn’t help but point out himself when talking a little bit about a matchup between Jeff Lutz and Felicia Smith.

Aside from the fact that both cars in this battle are American-made, the pair of competitors couldn’t be any more different. Even for those who have no idea that Lutz is a seasoned professional who is incredibly familiar with the Street Outlaws format and Felicia Smith is a Street Outlaws newcomer who is decades younger, the differences stick out like a sore thumb.

On one side of this battle, we have an old-school Chevy that prevents a lot of steel. Lutz has put together a reputation for his love of the tri-five cars and he decided to bring one to the table when it came time for the Street Outlaws production to go back to true street machines.

In the next lane over, Smith presents something that’s much more modern, a Cadillac CTS-V that’s 50+ years newer and really a whole different ballgame of a machine.

This time, though, the polar opposite pair goes head to head in the streets to see who, on this particular night, would have what it takes to reign supreme. Below, we check in with that action that makes this season of Street Outlaws special. Let’s just say that the street is the great equalizer whether you’re a newcomer or somebody with a ton of experience on your side.

Will Lutz be able to glide his way to victory or is Felicia Smith hiding something up her sleeve to help this big and heavy modern luxury sedan grab a victory over the odds on favorite?