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Street Outlaws Ryan Martin, Murder Nova, Jeff Lutz Slay at the Mud Drags!

While there are some professional racers who prefer to hang up the helmet after they get done with their job, others simply don’t think that way. Instead, there are some racers who simply have competition in their blood. After getting done filming for a show like Street Outlaws, competitors like Jeff Lutz and Ryan Martin have other things going on to keep that competitive juices flowing.

Sure, we know that both of these guys are involved in different sorts of drag racing on solid ground when the cameras shut off. How many fans can say that they know that their favorite Street Outlaws also participate in other forms of racing as well?

This time, we check in with some of the fastest drag racers in America as they head to a mud race held in south Texas. Jeff Lutz finds himself behind the wheel of the “Death Row” pickup truck. The black Chevrolet C10 fitted with custom paddled tires is certainly a monster and shows that even on mud, Lutz can go incredibly fast.

In the next lane over, Ryan Martin is practicing branching out as well as he’s driving a black and green mud truck that made some pretty solid hits. We even see Murder Nova come into the fold with his “Raging Steel” Ford pickup that also screams in the mud.

Down in the video below from the crew at National No Prep Racing Association, we get to see what a couple of fan favorites are up to when they aren’t behind the wheel of their drag cars. For these individuals, it seems as if the racing just never stops and they can’t get enough.

Just when we thought that no prep was a slick surface that couldn’t get much more challenging, these guys decide that they want to throw down in an actual mud pit!