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Street Outlaws Wrap up Australia Trip at Calder Park With Some Epic Races

Believe it or not, the hit TV show Street Outlaws has been on the air for an entire decade, and over that time, a lot has changed. The show has seen drivers come and go, spinoff shows that showcase racing in other areas of the country or other formats of racing entirely, and the crew from the 405 has raced a lot of competition from just about everywhere within the borders of America. They’ve even traveled to see what it’s like to race in other areas of the States as well.

This winter, some of the crew from the 405 decided to head out of the country to find new competition. They packed their racing machines into shipping containers and sent them to the land down under to undergo a four-race schedule to check out the competition in the area.

The crew’s final stop in Australia was Calder Park Raceway which is what we see this time.

One of the cool things about racing in a different country is the variety of cars we get to see. Although there are definitely a variety of different builds here in America, seeing cars pull up to the starting line that is exclusive to certain regions of the world definitely adds a twist to the mix.

In the video below from YouTube creator, Show ‘n’ Go Photography, we get to see some of America’s most dominant street racers go head-to-head with incredibly strong cars from Australia. The competition shows off an exciting display of skill, determination, and the love of the sport that results in plenty of good battles.

As the Street Outlaws continue to evolve, we can’t wait to see what new adventures and challenges they will take on in the future. One thing’s for sure – the show has made a significant impact on the world of street racing, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.