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Street Racing Camaro Driver Refuses to Lift, Ends up in the Trees!

Taking racing to the street is definitely a risk no matter which way one slices it. Even on a back road that has very minimal traffic and nothing but trees around, the street can provide a much more volatile experience.

Unlike racing on a track where the surface is specifically designed to be able to handle power and even has sticky stuff sprayed on top to make sure that traction is as good as it can be, the street is an entirely different animal. Not only is the surface not treated but in this case, it’s made out of the blacktop which is much less dense than the concrete that one would find on a track and has the tendency to create more small loose pieces. Therefore, traction comes at a premium.

Racing on blacktop isn’t something that’s unheard of in this community but it’s something that comes with a much bigger risk. In this particular situation, we check in with the owner of a Chevrolet Camaro who was willing to take on that risk as the driver faced off with the owner of a Ford Mustang.

As the cars lined up, we were about ready to get a little bit of Chevy versus Ford rivalry.

However, the race barely got going before it was over. The driver of the Mustang, for one reason or another, decided to back out almost from the start. We would say that the person behind the wheel noticed a lack of traction but it doesn’t even seem like the car got off of the line as maybe there was some sort of issue.

In the other lane, the driver of the Camaro did get off of the line but it wasn’t long before the car was skating all over the place. Determined to capture the victory, the driver stayed in the throttle which sometimes works out but in this case, just seemed to make everything worse as the car skated around before making its way into the trees.

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