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Streetcar vs. Racecar! | Street Outlaws: Locals Only | Discovery

When the Street Outlaws cameras get rolling, fans get to witness some awesome racing footage. However, in the towns that the Street Outlaws fan favorites race in, there is a lot more going on than what the cameras catch during the main event.

In fact, it seems like pretty much every area surrounding a race track found on the No Prep Kings circuit has its very own unique race scene. Of course, as many of the Street Outlaws have traveled around the country to compete in NPK, they have gone head-to-head with some of the most awesome rides that America has to offer.

This time, though, we check in with a Street Outlaws spinoff hosted by Farmtruck and AZN that goes by the name of Locals Only. The idea of this program is the dig into the local scene to see what racers are working within different areas around the country.

This time, we check in as the promotion heads to Maple Grove Raceway in Pennsylvania to take a look at the scene. Farmtruck and AZN came up with a couple of Fords this time to give us a little bit of a taste of the Maple Grove area.

While these two cars both show off a Ford logo and even brandish the Mustang name, they really couldn’t be more different. For starters, we meet James Daniel a.k.a. “Knothead.” Daniel brings an old-school 1967 Ford Mustang to the table that still has Ford power under the hood.

In the other lane, we find a car that’s described as a bit more of a street car. It’s also a Ford Mustang and the Fox Body is clearly a bit newer than its opposition. The car that goes by the name of “Hooligan” is known for its 5.3 L stock block LS engine under the hood that’s accompanied by an 80 mm turbo.

Below, Locals Only takes us to the scene to show how a street car stands up against the race car.