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Twin Turbo Mustang runs from Police – Cops Never Stood a Chance!

Running from the police isn’t necessarily anything that we would recommend doing. After all, even if a driver were to not get caught during the chase, the fact that the police likely have your license plate number is probably going to give you a hard time in the long run. However, we don’t have to tell you that this doesn’t stop certain individuals from trying their hardest to take off from the law, trying to get out of whatever hot water they might be in.

Most of the time, those who take off from the cherries and berries don’t make it very far. In this particular situation, though, we find somebody who absolutely did.

The subject discussion this time is a twin-turbo Ford Mustang. The police dash cam footage starts in a gas station where, for some reason, the police are watching this Mustang fill up. After the driver gets in the car and leaves the station, police follow and when he ends up out on the road, they flick on the lights indicating that it’s time to pull over.

Instead, this is when the driver of the Mustang decides it’s time to take off. After shifting into the proper gear, the Mustang disappears in an instant. To be honest, I thought about inserting a corny Gone in 60 Seconds reference at this point but that would be doing a disservice to this car that vanished over the horizon within a 10 count.

Below, we follow along with the footage that showcases this wild incident. There is no indication as to what eventually happened after the Coyote-powered car made its escape. We would be left to presume that the Mustang did find a way to shake the tail. However, whether or not the police came banging on the owner’s door or not is another subject of discussion.