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Stress Testing Million-Dollar Koenigsegg Cars Might be the Dream Job Nobody Wants

For the technically advanced car fanatics among us, there are a collection of companies that seem like an absolute dream to work for. For those who enjoy high-end hypercars, perhaps Koenigsegg is on the short list of manufacturers that would be an absolute dream place to work. Creating some of the most impressively engineered machines to ever touch rubber on the street that also happen to bring seven-figure price tags seems like nothing short of a dream.

What if your role, though, at that particular brand, was to destroy these works of art being pumped out by the company, or at least try to?

As it turns out, behind the doors of Koenigsegg, that’s actually a real job that comes into play. In fact, for any roadworthy machine that was built by an automotive manufacturer, it’s a requirement. Because of safety standards across the globe, crash testing is very much a necessity with cars that are expected to be licensed for road use.

Furthermore, companies are going to want to stress test their machines to make sure that the high-end product that they are offering is able to stand up to a little bit of abuse. After all, while these cars are definitely works of art, there are going to be a lot of owners who use them like cars and expect them to stand up to the wear and tear of regular everyday life. Having one of these machines fall apart while heading to the grocery store certainly wouldn’t be a good look for a company that’s trying to maintain a brand worth seven figures per car.

With that, the video below, while hard to look at for some is actually pretty interesting in the regard that it’s not something that we see every day. Below, we check in with a compilation of clips that was actually pulled from a longer feature that explains how exactly these cars are torture tested for real-life duty. If you scroll a little bit further, you’ll see the full feature.