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Teen Falls Out of Car’s Backseat and Onto Highway in Iowa

It is unclear what exactly caused an Iowa teenager to fall out of the back of a car while it was underway. However, highway cameras caught this exact incident in the act that most certainly had to leave other drivers’ jaws on the floor.

No reason was sourced as to why exactly the teenager took a tumble from the backseat of the vehicle. However, it turns out that this individual was incredibly lucky given the circumstances. Investigators said that the car was slowing down to use an exit ramp when the person ended up falling out of the back of the car and onto the highway. This factor in and of itself seems to have played a big role in the story’s eventual positive outcome.

After making the fall, the teenager would take quite a tumble before coming to a seated position where they would sit for a while. Fortunately, other motorists saw the act and were able to stop accordingly. Some even tried to see if there was anything they could do to help.

In the long run, the individual who took the tumble would end up only sustaining minor injuries.

While it isn’t exactly clear what happened inside the car to lead to this incident, tons of commoners have chimed in with their experience in similar situations. Plenty of people say that failing to shut the door all the way has led to such situations occurring in their personal lives so we would recommend that everyone keeps an eye on that!

Others speculate that maybe something else was going on in order to prompt the individual to tumble from the car. It’s hard to say for sure what exactly happened at this point but what we can say is that we’re glad that this person was able to escape with just minor injuries.

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