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Will Electric Cars Kill the Car Hobby?

It seems like over the years, the automotive industry has always had its eye on the newest thing. Sometimes, this newest thing has been exciting for enthusiasts. Other times, though, like right now, the newest thing on the market has been a little bit concerning for those who love their cars the way that they are.

This time, naturally, the topic of discussion is the electric vehicle. When we get down to brass tax, the fact of the matter is that EVs do a lot of things well. Sure, we all know that they are designed to be able to save people money as they’re incredibly cost-effective and never have their drivers at the gas pump. However, when it comes to performance, these things are already monstrously fast and we’re sure that they will only continue to get faster as technology develops and time goes on.

However, even though these cars check a lot of boxes, a large contingent of automotive enthusiasts feel as if electric vehicles just don’t have the soul that they are looking for out of their rides.

Therefore, the next natural question is if electric vehicles will end up killing the car hobby.

Sure, there still are a ton of us who would prefer good old fashion combustion to the new electric stuff. However, when looking at things in the scope of the automotive industry, the car community is rather small compared to the larger number of people who drive vehicles every day. As automotive manufacturers are looking to make money, enthusiasts aren’t always at the front of their minds, which can be of concern.

Below, Craig Lieberman dives into this topic, trying to dissect the idea to see if there’s a way for the car hobby to exist if electric cars take over even more of the market share of our roadways.

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