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Teen Pilot Makes Emergency Landing at the Jersey Shore

At various beaches around the country, advertising companies make the most of the skyline by sending planes up in the air with a marketing message that flies behind them on a banner. These planes have almost become synonymous with crowded beaches as they advertise everything from alcohol to sunglasses.

This time, we check in with a situation where one of these planes just so happened to fall out of the sky. The scene happened over in Ocean City, New Jersey when an 18-year-old pilot behind the controls was forced to make an emergency landing in traffic. We’re not talking air traffic, either. We’re talking about, you know, TRAFFIC traffic like one would find on their local highway.

After having some engine trouble, the pilot would use the Ocean Cty Causeway to land the Paramount Air Service aircraft. This would all come after the pilot would release the banner and find a spot in traffic where the airplane would fit without any sort of casualties. We get a feeling that something like this is easier said than done, especially when under such immense pressure.

Nobody was injured in the incident including the pilot, Landing Lucas, who managed to create quite a scene following the mechanical failure. He certainly did a good job of spotting that gap in traffic and steering clear of all obstacles and vehicles. He’s rather fortunate that there was a gap in traffic and that it wasn’t a busy day as he was able to set this thing down without any further damage. Talk about a story to come back from summer vacation with!

Down in the video below, we get taken to the scene of the incident as the plane created quite a traffic jam. Both the FAA and NTSB will be opening an investigation into the incident as well.

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