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That Awkward Moment When You Accidentally Buy a Cartel Truck

Sometimes, life puts you in a situation that you never could’ve predicted happening. For our storyteller this time, Rob “Rabbit” Pitts, that’s precisely what happened as he ended up right in the middle of a pretty thick plot that might just spook your average car buyer.

However, if you ask Rabbit, bullet holes in a car don’t really bother him that much as he’s had several vehicles with a couple that has been on the receiving end of a shot.

When our host took a trip to Mexico to film a Netflix series, he found himself in need of transportation. The most convenient thing to do here was to head to Facebook Marketplace and pick up something cheap that could be wheeled around for a couple of weeks and then flipped later. After doing a little bit of searching, our storyteller finds himself in a bad neighborhood where he comes across a gem of a Chevrolet Blazer, better known as a Tahoe here in the United States during the 90s.

The truck was in phenomenal condition compared to the other machines that he had been looking at and he decided that he wanted to go home with it. The catch was that this particular truck wasn’t for sale but instead, it was being worked on for its owner. However, after contacting its owner, the story has our host taking the Tahoe home with him but not before discovering a couple of modifications.

As it turns out, not only did this Tahoe have bullet holes that were patched over. It also had places to hide things and an area where one might take a weapon to fire away. As it turns out, this particular cartel member that owed this Tahoe belonged to a group that only drove a white vehicle so the Tahoe also came with the perk of nobody getting in its way on the highway. Below, we tune in with VINwiki as we learn a little bit more about this Tahoe that isn’t exactly like the others on the road.

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