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What Happened to Jesse James’s “Austin Speed Shop” TV Show? Why Did it End?

Back in the early 2000s, Jesse James was a top dog when it came to the biggest reality stars in television. In fact, his impact on the genre is even felt today as he most certainly is on the Mount Rushmore of reality TV.

With that in mind, James seems like the type of guy that could be attached to just about any project and have fans interested. Therefore, we’re sure that the man has gotten a lot of offers to make his return but the one that ended up sticking for the motorcycle builder was a series that surrounded his speed shop in Austin, Texas. The show appropriately called “Austin Speed Shop” was born as the crew behind him looked to capture some of the magic that audiences felt back in the early 2000s when they turned on Monster Garage.

The thing is that catching lightning in a bottle is something that’s incredibly difficult to do more than once. Even if they copied the format and plugged in one of the main players, there was absolutely no guarantee that this new show was going to even sniff the success of the old show.

When everything aligned on the show finally made its way to television, success was about the furthest thing from reality for James and company. Instead, Austin Speed Shop ended after three episodes and faded into oblivion. Even to this day, it’s a show that not too many people have even heard of.

Below, we check in with the Celebrity Net Worth YouTube channel as they dive into what exactly it was that killed off this show for good and potentially became the end of James’s reality career.

What we can say, though, is that James has still been working recently as one of his builds popped up at the SEMA show.

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