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The “KT Boat” aka “Power Wheels of the Water” Might be the Next Big Children’s Toy!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on April 12, 2021

As we get older and see the toy industry evolving, it’s kind of difficult to not be a little bit envious. When we look into some of these creations, we can’t help but wonder what childhood would’ve been like if we had access to things like this. I’m sure that this is a phenomenon that will continue into the future as children’s toys are constantly evolving. However, we almost get a sense of nostalgia over something that we didn’t have when checking in with a toy like this.

In this case, we follow along with a creation that takes the concept of what we know as a Power Wheels vehicle that a kid can drive and puts it on the water. This is just the best way of describing it but we don’t think that this brand has any affiliation with the official Power Wheels brand.

Instead, the model that is described as a “KT Boat” gives youngsters the ability to get behind the wheel and have at it in the water.

KTE-Boat details. Fun day on the water.

Posted by KT Boat on Thursday, September 24, 2020

The builder of the KT Boat describes the hull as “Carbon fiber, S2 glass and aerospace grade epoxy construction allowed us to keep the boat weight at 38 pounds.” The continue, “Our goal has always been to create the most advanced, lightweight product so transport and launch are as easy as possible.”

Furthermore, they say that the electric-powered boat will have a throttle limit depending on the experience of the child. In the video below, we see what this boat looks like at a medium throttle limit for older kids.

As the page has gone viral recently, apparently, lots of people are curious how they can get their hands on one of these things. We can’t blame them because the boats are pretty darn awesome. However, they do say that the boat is not exactly finalized yet so it hasn’t gone on sale and they don’t have an official price. However, this is a pretty cool little gadget that we would be on the lookout for when they do finally figure out their price point. If you want, you can check out their official page here.

Jim Boats Mini electric boat, these boats are awesome and ready for order!


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