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The Long Travel Cadillac “Whoop Deville” Might be the Most Diabolical Build on the Streets

What was originally built with the target audience of a mob boss, has an LS engine, and features a long travel suspension? The answer to that question resides on the Busted Knuckle Films YouTube channel and it’s pretty insane to look at.

A big part of the fun when it comes to building a hot rod is that the builder has the opportunity to put their own fingerprint on it. This means that they can go as tame or as wild as their abilities can take them. Of course, when such a build decides to go wild, this is when all the attention comes about as people can’t help but wonder how exactly something came together or what was going through the builder’s head when they concocted this vision.

This time, we check in with a machine called the “Whoop DeVille” and we have to say that this is definitely one way to turn a bunch of heads.

The build comes as a part of the Deathwish series as Josh Mazerolle leads the charge to take an old-school Cadillac and turn it into something that nobody, including the people who originally designed the Cadillac DeVille, thought that it would ever become.

When all is said and done, though, it’s incredibly cool to watch this heavyweight cruiser turn into an off-road capable machine with a little bit of kick ass under the hood.

Below, we tune in with the latest episode of Deathwish that showcases the Cadillac transforming into something else entirely. Not only does the episode afford us the opportunity to see exactly how the car was built but it also shows off the experience as the car is driven a couple of hours to see how exactly the build holds together.

For anybody who has ever done a serious top to bottom build, we know that the real theatrics happen when the machine is tested in the real world so buckle up and grab your popcorn because this is about to get interesting.